Bevel Tools

There are, of course, other ways to go with the basic tool. Some people just crave something more unique, such as these bois d'arc, hand carved models.

Some prefer a different size...I can make them a variety of sizes to fit any sized hand.

Though unsightly, this tool has a 30 deg angle on one end, and a 60 deg angle on the other. You can make triangular shapes and hexagonal shapes with this. $20.00

The basic tool . It cuts a bevel in a slab of clay, so that the walls form a joint. The clay that is removed by the tool works perfectly as interior support for your wall. The 45 degree forms a square, the 30 degree forms a hexagon, and the 60 degree forms a triangle. $12.00

The deluxe bevel tool. The difference between these tools is the addition of 5 metal pins at the opposite end of the bevel. These pins are used to score the beveled edge. This tools also comes in all three angles (as above) $18.00

45 deg basic
30 deg basic
60 deg basic
45 deg deluxe
30 deg deluxe
60 deg deluxe